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Keep Feet Healthy

Amplify’d from www.nlm.nih.gov Your feet have a weighty responsibility, so treat them right to help keep them healthy. The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these suggestions for taking care of your tootsies: Make sure your shoes fit correctly and comfortably; those that have a soft upper area and a sturdy sole are best. Go shoe [...]

Help keep body and brain young by walking

Amplify’d from today.msnbc.msn.com Everyone knows that walking limbers the aging body, but did you know it keeps the mind supple as well? Research shows that walking can actually boost the connectivity within brain circuits, which tends to diminish as the grey hairs multiply. “Patterns of connectivity decrease as we get older,” said Dr. Arthur F. [...]

Walking to School Eases Classroom Stress?

Amplify’d from www.nlm.nih.gov Walking to school may help reduce children’s stress throughout the day, the results of a new study suggest. This reduction in stress reactivity could prevent increases in heart rate and blood pressure that can lead to cardiovascular disease later in life, explained the University at Buffalo researchers. The study included 20 girls [...]

Starting a Walking Program: 10 Tips for Your Feet!

Walking is an easy and affordable form of exercise associated with numerous health benefits. Walking improves overall health by increasing aerobic fitness, increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. Walking decreases this risk of cancer, stroke, depression and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Social Bookmarking OptionsBlinklistBloglinesBlogmarksDiggdel.icio.usFacebookFurlMa.gnoliaNewsVineRedditStumbleUponTechnorati

Walking Reduces Age Related Weight Gain

A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports the more you walk, the less likely you are to gain weight as you age. Almost 5,000 men and women were followed for 15 years. The average weight gain was 1 kg per year. The individuals who walked at least 30 minutes a day, [...]

Walking Improves Circulation

A walking program is standard therapy for individuals with PAD (peripheral artery disease). Peripheral artery disease is the build up of fat, cholesterol and calcium on the artery walls, affecting the smooth muscle within the vessel walls and causing inflammation and restriction of blood flow.  A government funded study found that individuals with peripheral artery [...]

Starting a Walking Program: Foot Tips

Walking is an easy, affordable form of exercise and is associated with numerous health benefits. Those who walk have a lower incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, depression and diabetes. Walking can add disease-free years to your life by improving aerobic fitness, lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. To get started on a walking [...]

Lower Extremity Effects of Stroke

The most common type of stroke is caused by a blood clot blocking an artery in the brain, this is called ischemic stroke. When a blood clot blocks the blood flow to an area of the brain, those brain cells (neurons) do not receive oxygen or other nutrients and quickly die. With cell death comes [...]

No. 1 Best Walking City for 2009: San Francisco, CA

From the APMA: San Francisco Tops List of 2009 Best Walking Cities in America Bethesda, MD—For the seventh year in a row, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has joined with Prevention magazine to develop a comprehensive list of the Best Walking Cities in America. This year’s number one Best Walking City? San Francisco, California. [...]

Walking Tips For Seniors

Exercise has an important role in the general health, well-being and the quality of life of everyone, but especially in seniors. Seniors who stay active and engage in regular exercise, tend to look younger, sleep more soundly and have fewer visits to their physician. Walking is an easy and affordable form of exercise. Walking for [...]

Improvement in Walking in Seniors

A study in this month’s issue of The Journal of Public Health evaluated 6574 respondents, aged 53 and older, who reported difficulty in walking. The authors looked for correlations between an improvement in walking and chronic health conditions, demographics, socioeconomic status and behavioral risk factors. Twenty five percent of the respondents reported baseline walking limitations. [...]

New Drug Improves Walking in MS Patients

A randomized, multicentre, double-blind, controlled phase III study, recently published in Lancet, evaluated the drug fampridine in 301 patients with multiple sclerosis. The patients took 10mg of fampridine twice a day or placebo and their mobility was evaluated using a computer-generated sequences of 25-foot walks over a 14 week period. The authors concluded that fampridine [...]

Orthoses Improve Walking after Stroke

British researchers analyzed 14 randomized controlled trials with 429 participants evaluating the effects of orthoses in people with stroke and other non-progressive brain lesions. They found that there was a significant and beneficial effect of lower limb orthoses on walking speed, walking step and stride length and weight distribution in standing. Social Bookmarking OptionsBlinklistBloglinesBlogmarksDiggdel.icio.usFacebookFurlMa.gnoliaNewsVineRedditStumbleUponTechnorati

Top Ten Best Walking Cities

The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) and Prevention magazine teamed up to determine the best and worst walking cities in the U.S. Over 500 cities were evaluated by using fourteen walking criteria, which included the number of parks per square mile, the use of mass transit and the percentage of adults who walk for fitness [...]