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Diagrams of Navicular Resection: Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (also termed adult acquired flatfoot) is the result of repetitive stress and injury to the main tendon supporting the arch. Initially, the tendon may become inflamed, but the condition is characterized by degeneration and weakness of the tendon and is associated with arch collapse. Social Bookmarking OptionsBlinklistBloglinesBlogmarksDiggdel.icio.usFacebookFurlMa.gnoliaNewsVineRedditStumbleUponTechnorati

Will The Screws In My Leg Set Off The Airport Security Alarm?

After surgery involving placement of screws and/or plates, many wonder if they will set off the Airport Security Alarm on their next trip. No one wants to be pulled aside by airport security, forced to stand with their legs apart while the airport security uses a wand to detect the exact location of the metal [...]

Fibrin Glue for Achilles Tendon Repair

Fibrin glue consists of fibrinogen and thrombin. Fibrinogen is a glycoprotein and thrombin is a coagulation protein. When the two are combined, the fibrinogen is converted to fibrin, a clotting protein and the fibrin glue is formed. The fibrin glue acts as a tissue adhesive by creating a mesh and forming a clot. In many [...]

Brian Westbrook’s Ankle Surgery is a Success

Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles is recovering from an ankle debridement surgery they are calling a success. Dr. Mark Myerson, a well known orthopedic surgeon, performed the surgery this morning in Baltimore. Westbrook did not have an ankle scope (arthroscopic surgery) as was previously reported, nor did he have bone spurs removed. Dr. Myerson [...]

Brian Westbrook: Understanding Ankle Debridement

The following discussion of ankle debridements and anterior impingement syndrome was posted before information about Westbrook’s surgery had been reported. Westbrook does not have bone spurs on the front of his ankle. Please see our updated blog post on his surgery for more information. Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles is scheduled for surgery tomorrow [...]

Stems Cells Assist in Foot Surgery

Bone grafts have multiple uses in foot and ankle surgery. Surgeons may use them for repairing complex fractures, filling in voids or defects in the bone or assisting in bone fusion surgery. Bone grafts are used to provide structural stability and to stimulate bone healing. In a recently published study in the Journal of Foot [...]

Outpatient Surgery on the Rise

The results from the National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery showed that the rate of visits to freestanding surgery centers for outpatient procedures increase 300% from 1996 to 2006. The rate of visits to hospitals for outpatient procedures remained unchanged during that same time period. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health [...]

Analgesia Protocol Reduces Post-Op Pain

A study in New York City acute rehabilitation hospitals evaluated the effect of an analgesia protocol for elderly patients after orthopedic surgery. Two hundred and forty nine elderly patients who had hip or knee surgery (hip fracture repair, hip or knee replacement/ reconstruction) were entered into the study. The intervention group had physician protocols for [...]