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Bone Building Drugs Found Safe and Effective

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds two bisphosphonates, Fosamax and Reclast, safe and effective for the treatment of osteoporosis. Some studies have prompted concern about the increased risk of a rare fracture near the hip with the use of these bone building drugs. A secondary analysis of data from [...]

Vitamin D and Calcium Reduce Fracture Risk

A new study finds that Vitamin D with calcium supplementation significantly reduces fracture risk, but Vitamin D supplementation alone does not offer much protection. Researchers from Queen’s Medical Center is Nottingham, England evaluated seven randomized, controlled trials with using Vitamin D with calcium or using Vitamin D alone to prevent fracture risk. Social Bookmarking OptionsBlinklistBloglinesBlogmarksDiggdel.icio.usFacebookFurlMa.gnoliaNewsVineRedditStumbleUponTechnorati

Eli Manning’s Heel Pain

Eli Manning, quarterback for the New York Giants, dropped to the ground after completing a pass early in the 4th quarter of yesterday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. He stayed in for one more play and then left the game. Although an MRI is not scheduled, it may come at a later date, depending [...]

Heel Ultrasound May Help Prevent Osteoporotic Fractures

A DEXA scan, dual-energy X-ray absorbitometry scan, is used to identify low bone mineral density. Identifying individuals with low bone mineral density helps to determine future fracture risk. The calcaneus is the heel bone and a calcaneal ultrasound is a technique used to estimate bone mineral density. It is not as accurate as a DEXA [...]

Competitive Cyclists at Risk of Osteoporosis

Bone is composed of minerals, protein and living cells. Calcium and phosphate form an extremely hard crystal-like structure called hydroxyapatite. The protein collagen forms an intricate network of strong fibrous bands to which the crystals attach. The combined properties of the hydroxyapatite and the collagen create the amazing strength of bone. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are [...]

Impact Exercise Decreases Risk of Fracture & Osteoporosis

Physical activity is the most important factor for the development and maintenance of healthy bones. A study in the July/August issue of Sports Health found weight bearing activities to be effective at increasing bone mineral density and preventing fractures and diseases, such as osteoporosis. It has been know for years that weight bearing activities increase [...]

Antacids May Raise the Risk of Fractures

A new study presented at the Digestive Disease Meeting in Chicago at the beginning of this month, found that powerful antacids designed to relieve stomach acid also increased the risk of hip and thigh fractures. The researchers from Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Francisco studied 33,752 people taking antacids, such as Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, Pepcid, [...]

Surgical Repair of Stress Fractures in Dancers

A new study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that surgical repair of tibial stress fractures in dancers allowed for return to dancing within 6-7 months. The researchers evaluated 1757 dancers at a dance medicine clinic between 1992 and 2006. Twenty four dancers experienced 31 tibial stress fractures and received conservative treatment. Social [...]

Bone Remodeling

Bone does not exist in a static state. Bone is constantly remodeling itself which means that it is breaking down and building back up again. Osteoclasts are the cells which break down bone (called bone resorption), while osteoblasts build bone back up (called ossification). This process allows for bone to restructure and reshape itself and [...]

Osteoporosis Drug Speeds Fracture Healing

Dr Susan V. Bukata and her collegues at the University of Rochester recently reported encouraging findings on the use of an osteoporosis drug to treat slow healing bone fractures. The team of researchers gave teriparatide to 145 individuals with slow healing or non-healing bone fractures and found that 93% of the individuals healed with an [...]

Diuretics and Fracture Risk in Women

A study in the current issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine evaluated data from the Women’s Health Initiative (1992-1998) for an association between loop diuretics and fracture rate, falls and bone mineral density. The study included 133,855 women (3411 users and 130, 444 nonusers of loop diuretics) who were followed for a mean of [...]

Foot Injuries & the Olympics

China’s Olympic hopeful, Liu Xiang, walked off the track before making it over a single hurdle. Liu said “I knew my foot would fail me. I felt painful when I was just jogging.” Xiang was referring to the back of his heel, where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone. He had thought the [...]

Lisfranc’s Injury

A Lisfranc’s injury is becoming a common term among football fans with Indianapolis Colts defensive end, Dwight Freeney, sidelined by this injury. The Lisfranc joint is actually a group of joints where the long bones in the foot (metatarsals) meet the midfoot (tarsal bones). These joints are held together by a series of ligaments on [...]