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Superfeet Blue Orthotics

Amplify’d from www.northcoastfootcare.com Superfeet Premium Blue Insoles are multi-purpose prefabricated inserts designed to offer full arch support. Superfeet has a unique two component design to help provide lasting comfort & support. Factory made insoles just don’t compare. Superfeet Insoles help reduce the cause of foot, knee and back problems by maximizing comfort and improving shock [...]

Prevent Gymnastics Injuries

Amplify’d from www.nlm.nih.gov Gymnastics can lead to injury without some preparation. In 2007, more than 69,000 kids under age 14 were treated for gymnastics-related medical problems, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says. The academy suggests how to help gymnasts ward off injury: Always stretch and warm up the muscles before a workout. The gym [...]

Easing Hammertoe Pain

Amplify’d from www.nlm.nih.gov A hammertoe is an abnormal bending of a toe at the joint, which often causes pain when footwear touches the top of the bent toe. Women are affected more often than men. The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests how to help alleviate the pain of a hammertoe: Protect the toe with a [...]

Easy Steps to Happy Hiking Feet

Amplify’d from www.gorp.com Many hikers lace up their boots and go for miles without foot problems. Others can put on the same type of socks and boots, and have all kinds of problems. No two hikers’ feet are the same and how they react to the stresses of hiking will vary. You’ll enjoy hiking more [...]

Proper footwear can reduce foot problems

Amplify’d from www.apma.org From ancient Egyptian times down through the centuries, footwear has been designed to meet mankind’s real and perceived needs—protection, support, comfort, sturdiness, and stylishness. Feet endure tremendous pressures of daily living. An average day of walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons on them. They are subject to more injury [...]

Back-to-School Footwear Combats Child Obesity

Amplify’d from www.apma.org Bethesda, MD – As parents and children commence the annual hunt for deals on back-to-school items, shopping for healthy shoes should top the “must-buy” list for more important reasons than just a fashionable new look. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), well-fitting shoes not only reduce the instance of foot [...]