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  1. on 03 Apr 2013 at 6:09 am Alina Nakashian

    I believe I may have a plantar fascista in my left foot… I’m quite active and I started doing flamenco a few months ago when I then started feeling a deep pain in the centre of my left heel; the pain only happens after excessive workout and usually when wearing flats. It does not hurt if resting except if I press down on to the pain area. Since it was “nothing serious” and a bearable discomfort, I neglected treatment/medication/therapy. After 3 months through the pain developed into a more like an inflammation feeling around my heel thus causing discomfort towards the outer part of my ankle and up towards the back of my knee, which I feel developed due to abnormal walking and straining on other parts to minimise pain in the heel… In addition I’ve always had a week ankle where I often sprain my ankle and once also tore the legement; I have a very high arch and when I walk it seems it flattens out quite a lot and I feel my heel is slightly tilted inwards; so there’s quite some action going on in my foot. I need advise, please help! Thanks

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