Phases of Tendon Healing

Tendon Healing

The initial phase of tendon healing is the inflammatory phase which lasts from 24-48 hours. The body sends inflammatory cells to the site of injury and clean up debris from the site of injury. After 48 hours the reparative stage begins, tenocytes migrate to the area and  collagen is made. Collagen is one of the main structures in tendon. After about 6 weeks, the remodeling phase begins and can be divided into the consolidation phase and the maturation phase. The cellular tissue becomes more fibrous and the collagen fibers start to align, increasing strength. At the end of the consolidation phase at about 10-12 weeks and the beginning of the maturation phase, the fibrous tissue is converted to a stronger scar tissue. The tissue continues to remodel for up to a year. More information on tendons, tendon injury, tendonitis and tendinosis.


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