“Knocking Socks Off” Saves Limbs and Lives

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During Diabetes Awareness Month, the American Podiatric Medical Association encourages patients to see a podiatrist for regular foot examinations.

Bethesda, MD—The number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise toward record levels, with an estimated one in three adults predicted to have the disease by the year 2050, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Because many serious complications from diabetes present in the lower limbs, proper foot care for those with the disease is a vital step to keeping the disease in check. In fact, a new study on foot care for people with diabetes conducted by Thomson Reuters confirms that care by a podiatrist can drastically reduce the incidence of diabetes-related hospitalizations and amputations.
“During November’s Diabetes Awareness Month, it’s important to realize that simple lifestyle changes can go a long way toward staying healthy with diabetes.Read more at www.apma.org

Diabetic foot care.


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