Foot Pain: Where it Hurts and Why

Foot anatomy image labeled

Anatomy of the lateral foot labeled

Anatomy of the anterior view Anatomy foot posterior view labeled
Medial Lateral Anterior Posterior

The images above illustrate areas of the foot that develop foot problems. The first image is of the inside of the foot. You can see the origin of the plantar fascia, where many develop heel pain, known as plantar fasciitis. The second images is of the outside of the foot. The peroneal brevis tendon insertion is labeled, which is a common area of pain in peroneal tendonitis.   In the third image, the extensor tendons, tendons that lift up the ankle and the toes are shown, along with the great toe and the area of nerve impingement. Two common problems at the great toe are bunions and osteoarthritis. The last image is of the back of the foot and ankle. The Achilles tendon and it’s insertion are labeled. These are the two common areas of pain in Achilles tendonitis.

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