Fewer Complications in Diabetics With Better Blood Glucose Control

A new study, presented as a thesis at the University of Gothenburg Sahlgrenska Academy, finds that diabetics who maintain their blood glucose at normal levels have a lower risk of eye, kidney and nerve complications. The study analyzed 4,000 patients’ records from multiple diabetes clinics in western Sweden over an eight period, from 1996-2004. They found that 10-15 years after treatment began to control blood glucose, complications to the eyes, kidney, heart and nerve were significantly reduced. They also took a close look at the use of modern versus traditional insulin and found that modern insulin, such as glargin and lispro, offer better blood glucose control than traditional regular insulin and NPH insulin.

Lind M. Glycaemic control: evaluations of HbA1c as a risk factor and the effects of modern insulins in clinical practic. Thesis presentation at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Medicine, University of Gothenburg.


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