Electromagnetic Therapy Improves Arthritis

Electromagnetic Coil by Ivivi

In a new study at Henry Ford Hospital System, electromagnetic pulses were shown to significantly decrease pain and inflammation associated with knee arthritis. Thirty-four patients were randomly divided into two groups and given either an active pulse-emitting coil to place around their knee or an inactive coil. During the study period, the patients were instructed to wear the device around their knees for 15 minutes, twice daily for six weeks. The patients who wore the active device experienced a 40% reduction in pain compared to the patients with wearing an inactive device, on the first day. The active coil is an electromagnetic device developed by Ivivi Health Sciences, the same company who funded the study. Ivivi’s SofPulse™ uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to induce a micro-current in injured tissues. These micro-currents accelerate the natural anti-inflammatory process with hopes of reducing pain, increasing function and  decreasing recovery time. Electromagnetic signals have also been shown to reduce calcium in cartilage cells in the laboratory setting.

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Image courtesy of Ivivi Health Systems.


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