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New Kerasal Ointment for Dry Skin & Calluses

Kerasal therapy is a specifically designed ointment for treating dry, rough skin, cracked heels and calluses. The maker, Alterna, LLC, has recently released a professional grade version of the ointment, which can only be dispensed through a podiatrist’s office. The new ointment has increased amounts of Vitamin A & E and urea. Urea is a [...]

Diabetics Risk Amputation in Tough Economy

Tough economic times are forcing people to make difficult decisions regarding their health care. An Associated Press analysis found that diabetics are skipping doctor visits, skimping on insulin and not purchasing other necessary diabetes medications and blood-sugar testing kits. Diabetics who do not properly control their blood sugar levels risk losing their vision, their legs [...]

Painful Toe Corns

A corn is a buildup of dead skin on the top of a toe, at the end of a toe or in between the toes. Corns develop as a result of excess pressure, either pressure from shoes or from the other toes. The most common place for a corn to develop is on the top [...]

Calluses and Runners

Callused feet and toes are common in runners and many times go unnoticed. But, a callus on the heel or the big toe can cause a lot of pain for a runner. The callus can develop an even more painful blister underneath and can limit performance or simply decrease the enjoyment of run. Some rub [...]