Bone Remodeling

Bone does not exist in a static state. Bone is constantly remodeling itself which means that it is breaking down and building back up again. Osteoclasts are the cells which break down bone (called bone resorption), while osteoblasts build bone back up (called ossification). This process allows for bone to restructure and reshape itself and helps to maintain overall bone strength. Bones become weak when there is more osteoclast activity than osteoblast activity. Certain medications and hormones stimulate the activity of these cells, impacting the amount of bone turnover and reformation.Estrogen and estrogen-like hormones help to regulate osteoclast activity which slows down the break down of bone. After menopause, when there is a lack of circulating estrogen, osteoclast activity increases and bone breakdown outpaces bone build-up, eventually resulting in porous and weak bones, termed osteoporosis. Those with osteoporosis are at high risk for hip fractures and stress fractures. There are many factors which contribute to the develop of osteoporosis which include achieving peak bone mass early in life, adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium, appropriate amount of physical activity (weight bearing activity), genetics, tobacco use and diet.


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