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Wintertime Activities & Socks

People who recreate outside during the winter, whether it is running, cycling, skiing, skating or snowshoeing, need to protect their feet by wearing appropriate socks. Many will spend top dollar for boots and shoes, but then choose cheap cotton socks to wear with them. When wearing the wrong type of socks, the feet are at [...]

Custom Made Shoes

One visit is all you need for ordering as many pairs of custom made shoes by the Left® Foot Company of Finland. And the price? About $300 per pair of shoes. The process starts with the customer pulling on neon yellow and green checkerboard socks and stepping on an imaging platform. A 3-D scanner images [...]

Raynaud’s: Red, White & Blue Toes

The red, white and blue toe phenomenon, called Raynaud’s, is due to a transient decrease in blood flow to the toes. The fingers can also be affected, and less commonly the nose, ears and lips. The toes will initially become white, then become bluish and eventually red, which is the triphasic color change classically associated [...]

Winter House Shoes

In the wintertime it’s easy to enter the house and kick off your wet, snow or mud covered shoes and slip into some nice, soft, comfy slippers. After being on your feet all day, nothing feels better, right? Not so fast. For those with foot problems, especially those with heel pain, this could spell trouble. [...]