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Lisfranc’s Injury

A Lisfranc’s injury is becoming a common term among football fans with Indianapolis Colts defensive end, Dwight Freeney, sidelined by this injury. The Lisfranc joint is actually a group of joints where the long bones in the foot (metatarsals) meet the midfoot (tarsal bones). These joints are held together by a series of ligaments on [...]

Plantar Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by increased perspiration beyond what is necessary for normal temperature regulation in the body. Approximately 1% to 3% of the US population has hyperhidrosis (HH). Excess sweating of the feet is called plantar hyperhidrosis. Certain types of footwear can increase sweating in the feet, but those with hyperhidrosis can experience [...]