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Activity Helps Arthritis

Researchers at the George Institute for International Health at the University of Sydney, Australia conducted a randomized controlled trial with 152 individuals with chronic knee or hip osteoarthritis. The individuals were divided randomly into three groups. One group of 55 individuals had 12 weeks of hydrotherapy class, one group of 56 individuals had 12 weeks [...]

Sandals & Foot Care

Summer is on it’s way, along with shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, BBQs and, of course, sandals. Sandals, the main choice for footwear during the summer months, are easy to slip on and off and cool enough for those hot summer days. The flip-flop trend has taken off and new styles range from flimspy, flat [...]

Chronic Heel Pain, Obesity and Pronation

Obesity and pronated foot type may increase the risk of chronic plantar heel pain: a matched case-control study. A new study reveals a link between chronic heel pain, pronated feet and obesity. The study included 80 individuals with chronic heel pain and 80 individuals without chronic heel pain. Body Mass Index (BMI), foot posture (foot [...]

Toenail Fungus

Ick! This is the normal reaction to the fungal toenail picture. Most people don’t want their toenails to look like this. This picture shows a more severe toenail fungus with discoloration, thickness, flaking, peeling and an abnormal shape. A dermatophyte is a type of fungus which affects skin, hair and nails. You may be familiar [...]

Foot Care Tips

1. Inspect your feet: Start at the toenails and look for signs of discoloration, white splotches, black streaks or abnormal thickening and shape. Look in between your toes and make sure you don’t see openings or cracks or a buildup of white, scaly tissue (potential signs of fungus). Look at the structure of your feet, [...]


Pain from neuromas usually occurs in the ball of the foot, hence the term “ball of foot pain”. The pain can be dull and deep, sharp and electrical, shooting pain to the toes, numbness at the toes, tingling, burning or pins and needles sensations. Many describe only a discomfort, like walking on a lump or [...]

Marathon Runners Prone to Injury

A recent article in Sports Medicine cited a significant increase in the number of people who are running marathons. The yearly incidence of injuries in marathon runners is reported as high as 90%, but it appears that less experienced runners are the ones who are more prone to injury. More experienced runners are less likely [...]

Shoes: Tips for Runners

1. Consider buying your shoes at a specialty running store. The shoes may be a little more expensive, but you should be able to talk with a trained professional who knows about shoes, socks and foot types. 2. Have your feet measured while standing with your socks on. Socks can change the size of your [...]

Bunions – What You Can Do

A bunion is a bone deformity at the great toe joint. The long bone at the inside of the foot moves towards the center of the body. The big toe moves towards the small toes. This movement causes a large bump at the inside of the foot. There is sometimes an associated bone growth or [...]

Calluses and Runners

Callused feet and toes are common in runners and many times go unnoticed. But, a callus on the heel or the big toe can cause a lot of pain for a runner. The callus can develop an even more painful blister underneath and can limit performance or simply decrease the enjoyment of run. Some rub [...]

Foot Problems in Runners

Millions of runners, in the form of casual joggers, trail runners, sprinters, marathon runners and elite competitors, take to the streets, tracks and trails everyday. People run for health, for fitness, for stress relief and for fun. Despite these differences, all runners are susceptible to foot problems. Common foot and ankle conditions in runners include [...]

Diabetic Foot Care

It is estimated that over 21 million Americans have diabetes. Serious complications associated with diabetes include stroke, heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, high blood pressure, nervous system diseases and amputations. In 2002 there were 82,000 lower extremity amputation in diabetes. Six individuals out of every 1,000 people with diabetes will have a lower extremity amputation. [...]

Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

A study in the July/August issue of The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery in 2006, has demonstrated that Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is an effective and safe treatment for plantar fasciitis. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) has been used for treating medical conditions for many years, but emerged in the mid-90s as a treatment for plantar [...]

Strassburg Sock – Foot Care Product Review

The Strassburg SockTM is a comfortable night splint for treating plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs and tendonitis. The Strassburg Sock is a tubular knit sock with adjustable straps used at night to stretch the plantar fascia and the calf. It is lightweight, breathable and washable. Many people find that the soft night splints are [...]